Statement of Copyright Transfer





To: Food Engineering Progress



Title of the manuscript:



I hereby certify that I agreed to submit the manuscript entitled as above to the Food Engineering

Progress with the following statements:


-   This manuscript is original and there is no copyright problem, defamation and privacy intrusion.

     Any legal or ethical damage should not be directed to the Food Engineering Progress due to this


-    All authors contributed to this manuscript actually and intellectually and have responsibility equally

     to this manuscript.

-    This manuscript was not published or considered for publication to any other scientific journals in the

     world. It will not be submitted again to other journals without permission from the Food Engineering 

     Progress if it is accepted for publication.

-    Copyright of this manuscript shall be transferred to the Food Engineering Progress if it is published in 

     Food Engineering Progress. It means that if any persons including authors want to use the contents of 

     this manuscript, they should receive the permission from the Society and the source of contents

     should be clarified.




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